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Fully Automatic energy saving PC blow molding machine

Basic Equipment

1.Import PLC+human-machine+PLC automatic temperature control model.
2.introduce energy saving valve to the hydraulic system, effective reduce to be the lower working temperature,extend  the working life of the hydraulic parts,and save 20% to 40% energy power than the normal type.
3.variety of function used for different product technological requirements: bottom blow and lift,rotation,encapsulation, sub-mould,robot,parison control systen,etc.


Main specifications

Main parameters UNIT LWB82PC
Max. product volume L 30
Dry cycle Pcs/h 650
Screw diameter mm 82
Screw L/D ratio L/D 32
Screw drive power Kw 0
Screw heating power 3ØKw 18
Screw heating zone Zone 6
HDPE output Kg/h 150
Oil Pump power Kw 45
Clamping force Kn 220
Mold plate stroke mm 350-780
Mold platen size WxH(mm) 550x650
Max. mold size WxH(mm) 600x700
Accumulator capacity L 1.9
Max. die dimeterd mm 150
Die heating Zone 3ØKW 8
No. of heating Zone Zone 4
Blowing pressure Mpa 1
Air consumption M3/Min 1
Cooling water pressure Mpa 0.3
Water Consumption L/Min 130
Machine size LxWxH(mm) 5.8x2.4x3.8
Machine Weight Ton 11.8


Note: the technical data, components changed due to technology and we without pre-notice.